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ISO Information Packet

Welcome to Lifetime Funding LLC – a direct funder. LTF LLC values its referral partner network and is committed to being one of the most user friendly alternative capital platforms in the industry. We are pleased to have you join the Lifetime Funding team as of our partners.


Below is a general guideline of what Lifetime Funding LLC looks to fund directly:

• We specialize in B, C, and D files

   o LTF will responsibly take 2 nd - 6th positions

     o Minimum Time in Business = 6 months minimum of revenue

     o Number of monthly deposits and minimum deposit dollar amount = 5/ $20,000.00

          Will determine the maximum eligible advance amount

     o NSFs or Negative Days = no more than 5 (five)

     o FICO score = 500

• LTF LLC offers:

   o Small Business Advance – daily/ weekly ACH repayment out of a business bank account

     o Traditional Merchant Cash Advance – credit card splits

• Terms on average range from 20-150 days

• Commission is determined on a deal to deal basis depending on credit quality, position, etc.

   o We will notify you of the potential commission at the time of extending an offer

• Commissions will be paid after the merchant makes three successful payments.

• LTF MUST fund a business (not personal) bank account – no exceptions. Must have Online access


Please include the following information in your email submission to ensure a quick and efficient approval and offer process:

• Submissions should be sent directly to the ISO rep we assigned to your company.

• Put the name of the Merchant / Business in the email subject line

• Does the Merchant have an existing cash advance? If so, please provide details (i.e. Existing cash advance company and current balance(s)

Invoice Factoring

• LTF also offers TRUE invoice factoring for higher caliber clients with eligible invoices and/or purchase orders

   o If you submit a file for factoring, please include “Factoring” in the subject line

Work with a Direct Funder

Lifetime Funding LLC is the direct funding source. We are not a middleman. This helps remove delays that can be caused by third parties, and gets your deals funded sooner. We have a vested interest in the success of our Merchant’s businesses and referral partners.


Faster and More Efficient Offers & Execution


Lifetime Funding LLC will work with merchants to provide them with as much capital as possible without negatively impacting day-to-day cash flow. Our underwriters will perform an in-depth cash flow analysis, and extend responsible credit based on a simple premise - only advance what the Merchant can reasonably afford.

Fast Approvals – Funding in as soon as 24 hours after approval.




Due to its proprietary underwriting process, and superior customer service, LTF LLC enjoys very favorable Merchant retention and renewal rates. We are direct funders that care about the health and growth of our Merchant’s business. As a referral partner, you will directly benefit from LTF LLC’s Merchant retention and transaction renewal rates.


Fewer Restricted Industries


Almost no industries are completely restricted. We fund merchants in industries that other funding companies will not consider. We take into consideration the whole of a prospect company’s current situation – eligibility and repayment terms based on multiple points of underwriting data. The only current restrictions we have are Law Firms.




Lifetime Funding LLC is one of the fastest growing companies in the alternative finance industry, and is quickly becoming one of the premier business cash advance companies.

The principals and executive staff have over 100 years of combined capital management and finance experience. We are professionals that work very hard to approach our business from a ‘high level’ of operating – balancing the interests of our referral partners, clients and prospects.